Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc.


Galvanizing Equipment

Pot Equipment

  • Turnkey in-house refurbishment for single point accountability, simple logistics, and faster turn around
  • Pot Rolls machined with advanced CNC techniques to remove the least amount of material per rebuild
  • Cutting edge roll coatings for maximum campaign life
  • Optimized pickling process reduces damage to base material on rolls, arms/cradles and bearing housings

Furnace Rolls

  • Made and repaired with modern CNC welding equipment including MO-RE1, HK-40, HN, HF and many other materials
  • Inspection with advanced phased array ultra sonic testing to verify new rolls and requalify used rolls for continued service
  • ASME based quality program to insure engineered processes are followed from the foundry to your furnace and special focus on casting practices, welding technique and final inspections

General Galvanizing Equipment

  • Converting rubber and chrome rolls to longer lasting carbide coatings
  • Reverse engineering OEM equipment for faster lead times and lower costs
  • Engineered solutions to correct repetitive failures or for simplifying maintenance tasks
  • Custom repair solutions, call us before parts putting anything in the scrape pile