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ATLAS remains open 24/7 and is continuing to serve American manufacturers during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn More

Atlas In The News

A REPORT: Adjusting to a New Way of Working

Without a doubt, the outbreak of the coronavirus has affected how people work at their jobs. Atlas Machine and Supply--like other companies throughout the United States--has adjusted to what has become a new normal, at least for the foreseeable future. Human Resources director, Brian Pait, estimates about 20% of Atlas’ employees are working at least part of the time from home to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Some employees are also working from home to help with childcare. By their nat...

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A SPECIAL REPORT: Employees Step Up to Help

Employees at Atlas Machine and Supply are ready to help out when there’s a need. And if there’s just one positive in the midst of the historic pandemic we are experiencing, it is the increasing number of the acts of kindness all around us. Two employees at Atlas Machine are among those who decided to show in a tangible, non-traditional way, their concern about the spread of COVID-19. One of those who stepped up to help others is employee Jeremy Rydberg and his 12-year old son, Jake. Jeremy is Vi...

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Need help getting your Compressed Air System operational? Give Atlas a call

Has your facility been shut down over the last several weeks due to the Coronavirus? If so, your compressed air system could be in trouble when you start back up - unless you take the proper precautions.Air Compressors love to run 24/7. Shutting a compressor down for a prolonged period can cause numerous issues requiring repair if they aren’t started back up properly, and the last thing you need right now is to finally get to start production, only to have to shut down yet again. We know your cu...

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A Letter from Atlas' President

In uncertain times like these, we want to remind you that ATLAS Machine and Supply is here to support your company through this hardship. Cost savings is undeniably a major priority for everyone right now. Here is how we can help:1) Repairing a piece of equipment is generally cheaper than replacing it. For a fraction of the cost of replacing a part, and in a fraction of the time, we can provide you with a repair for your machinery that meets or exceeds its original performance.2) ATLAS will prov...

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