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Posted On: 2017-06-27 16:19:20 | By: admin_atlas

Atlas’ highly-skilled Engineering team delivers the technical expertise that customers require on a daily basis.  Atlas Engineers are capable of evaluating and managing all possible aspects of a job, including reverse engineering, design modifications, design improvements and more.  Such start to finish project management assures the customer of a continuity in service that is unique within industry.

The demand for Atlas’ technical ability in managing jobs bound for the Machine Shop has grown significantly in recent years.  A look at the jobs going through the Machine Shop underscores the increased importance of Engineering in serving our customers. Just last year, Engineers wrote up and managed 73% of all jobs going through the company’s Machine Shop. That compares to about 57% just five years before.

The number of positions has also grown along with the increased customer contact.  Where once there were only three employees with an engineer focus, there are today 12 fully-dedicated members in the department. Those positions consist of three Mechanical Engineers, two Mechanical Design Drafters, an Engineering Supervisor, and an overall Sales and Engineering Manager for the Machine Shop Division.

The Engineering team works hard to gain the trust of those with whom they come in contact. And that trust, along with the team’s technical knowledge, sets the company apart from the competition. Every member of the Engineering Department is an “Ambassador of Atlas,” says Tom Dyer, who supervises the overall Engineering team on a daily basis. Each member is dedicated to serving customers with the highest professionalism and dedication, he adds.

Together, all of the members of Atlas’ Engineering Department are united in a common goal-meeting, and even exceeding, the customer’s expectation for every single job they guide through the Machine Shop. For more information about how Atlas can manage your company’s Machine Shop job, call 1-855-GO-ATLAS, and we will connect you to one of our experienced Engineers.