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Posted On: 2017-07-06 18:43:39 | By: admin_atlas

Vienna, Austria – Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. presented new methods for improving the reliability of steel mill furnace rolls utilized in the manufacturing process at the third annual European Steel Technology & Application Days (ESTAD) held June 26-29, in Vienna, Austria.

Making the presentation on behalf of Atlas was Jeremy Rydberg, Vice President of the company’s Corporate Development Group and a recognized authority on advance welding and inspection techniques.

The unique inspection and welding process, developed at Atlas, significantly increases the life of industrial rolls by utilizing proprietary welding and Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing methods. The advanced techniques produce a level of weld quality and consistency that was previously unobtainable, stated Mr. Rydberg.

Jeremy Presenting at 2017 ESTAD

Achieving such a high-quality result is seen as crucial in keeping industries in production. The process significantly reduces the risk of unplanned outages caused by failed rolls that can easily cost a manufacturer in excess of $750,000.

Atlas’ advanced process for increasing the life of steel furnace rolls is also transferable to other industries, according to Mr. Rydberg.

“This is an advanced welding and inspection technique that can be used in any industrial application that utilizes temperature resistant stainless steel,” he said. The process also can be utilized by power generation, nuclear, oil and gas, and petro chemical companies.

For more information about Atlas Machine & Supply’s advanced process for improving furnace roll reliability, contact Jeremy Rydberg in the United States at (502) 584-7262 or email


About the European Steel Technology Application Days – ESTAD is held annually in Europe in conjunction with the European Continuous Casting Conference.  The international event, held this year in Austria, provides manufacturers from around the world the opportunity to be informed about the latest technical developments in steel production, steel materials and steel application.