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Louisville, KY, USA, August 7, 2020 - Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. and Israel-based EcoPlant are jointly launching an advanced Air Compressor software system capable of saving industries in the United States thousands of dollars in Compressed Air operating costs. The development of the advanced technology and related outreach effort are being funded in part by an $8 million grant from the U.S. and Israeli departments of energy and other supporting agencies and organizations. EcoPlant’s role in the partnership is providing the underlying technology that drives the monitoring and control of Compressed Air systems. Atlas Machine is charged with connecting with its customer base of 3,000 industries in the Midwest United States that can benefit from implementing the advanced system.
In addition to operational savings, the project is expected to have a significant “green” impact by reducing the drain on environment resources, such as electricity and fossil fuels, used in Compressed Air operations. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 50 percent of the energy for air compressors is wasted due to leaks and other inefficiencies, costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per factory every year.
The EcoPlant software solution is unique in that it can integrate with any compressor’s technology or brand. It also continually monitors and dynamically controls air compressors through a connection to their controllers and pipeline sensors. The solution enables managing individual compressors or the entire system under changing conditions, such as shifts in production and compressed air consumption. As a result, industries experience up to 30 percent in energy saving and a reduction of unplanned downtimes in production by 50 percent. 
"Partnering with EcoPlant is an exciting opportunity for us," says Richie Gimmel, President of Atlas Machine and Supply. "Compressed air is a critical and often overlooked aspect of every manufacturing facility. EcoPlant’s technology, along with Atlas’ decades of experience in compressed air, provides an opportunity to solve the emerging challenges of industry in new ways.  We really do see this product as becoming a staple in each and every manufacturing facility in the future."
"Atlas Machine’s deep experience in the U.S. compressed air markets makes it an ideal partner for us,” says Aviran Yaacov, Chief Operational Officer and Co-founder of EcoPlant. “While we are starting with compressed air, our vision is to move into chillers and pumps, as well as offer a full suite of utility resource planning tools."
About Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. 
Atlas Machine and Supply is a 4th-generation family-owned and operated business based in Louisville, Kentucky, and has eight other satellite locations across the Midwest. Atlas is a leading supplier of industrial air compressors and related products and also has a full-service Machine Shop that designs, repairs and re-manufactures complex equipment for industry and municipalities. For more info about Atlas unique capabilities, go to www.atlasmachine.com.
About EcoPlant

Based in Kibbutz, Gevim, Israel, EcoPlant has developed a software solution that connects to air compressors' controllers and property sensors to monitor and continuously optimize the entire system. Using predictive artificial Intelligence algorithms, EcoPlant conducts ongoing energy surveys and dynamically controls each compressor and the whole system, to significantly reduce energy waste, increase reliability, and optimize maintenance. EcoPlant's proprietary algorithms can also be applied in settings such as hospitals and commercial buildings, as well as critical infrastructure equipment like pumps and chillers, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in savings for the user. For more about EcoPlant, go to www.ecoplant.co