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Complex On-site Repair Results in Reduced Customer Downtime

A major mining company needed a large excavator repaired quickly. Here's how Atlas Machine and Supply completed the job in half the projected time.

The Challenge: A surface mining company in the western United States needed its large Hitachi excavator repaired on-site and it had to be done quickly. Every day the excavator was out of production meant potential lost revenue.

The job involved restoring worn upper and lower thrust rings-- each measuring 16-feet in diameter--located beneath the excavator’s immense carriage. Maintaining an even surface on these rings--also known as “slew rings”--is essential so that the heavy equipment’s towering boom can operate smoothly and safely under tremendous load strain.

The Solution: Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. was chosen by the customer to get the excavator back in production because of the company’s proven expertise in performing complex repairs onsite. For this particular project, a two-man Field Machining team used a Climax CM6200 Circular Mill--which is capable of milling parts measuring up to 20-feet in diameter--to remove burrs that had formed on the rings, impeding its operation.

The Results: Completion of the work performed by the Atlas team exceeded the customer’s expectations. Instead of the projected 5 days to do the job, Atlas finished the work in just 2 ½ days. As a result, the excavator was able to quickly get back into production, saving the customer tens of thousands of dollars.

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