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On Site Solutions

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With more than 100 years of industrial service experience, our skilled machinists, welders, and engineers bring you solutions that reflect a wide range of industrial equipment knowledge and understanding. We are industrial experts creating flexible, inventive solutions for any challenge. With the support of our metrology team, we make sure that your job is done right the first time. Our engineers will be the first on site, and our craftsmen will be the first to finish.

We will work with your team of experts to develop and perform a quality repair that meets your timeline and budget requirements. Atlas understands that machines do not break down according to your schedule. That is why we are available 24/7. Just call our toll-free number, and we will quickly dispatch a specialist to your location.


We have a culture of safety built on a foundation of 2 core values: top-down commitment and empowered employees.
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We have an arsenal of portable machine tools including: CNC mills, lathes, drills, boring equipment, flange facing equipment, precision grinders, lapping machines, and much more.


Our qualified welders have experience welding a wide range of alloys in virtually any setting. Additionally we have the ability to perform precision post-weld heat-treatments in the field for applications where it is required.


Using a state-of-the-art Laser Tracking system, Atlas is able to troubleshoot and solve the most complex alignment challenges. Our equipment offers industry-leading accuracy ensuring that we meet the tolerances of your application. We can also install permanent monuments in your plant to simplify future surveys and ensure that your plant stays running at optimum conditions.

Custom Solutions

There’s no challenge too great - our engineers can imagine and build custom machine tools for your unique applications, if required.

Stud Removal

Stud Removal is a process for extracting studs and broken drills imbedded in parts being machined onsite. We have a variety of machines designed to remove studs quickly, regardless of alloy and hardness. Our equipment includes CNC drills, Hi-torque drills, and metal disintegrators.