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Air Treatment


Your compressed air system doesn’t stop with just a compressor. Condensation can destroy valuable process equipment and cause interruptions in air to your facility. Atlas offers air dryers for any application from the industry’s leading manufacturers like Beko, Aircel, and Parker.


Atlas offers several different filtration options including, Pre-Filters, Coalescing Filters, and Activated Carbon Filters. Particulate filters or pre-filters remove harmful oil/water condensate, pipe scale, dirt and rust from compressed air systems, preventing corrosive damage to equipment and finished products. For maximum performance and efficiency, coalescing filters should be preceded by a particulate or pre-filter. Engineered for applications that will not tolerate oil vapors and associated odors, activated carbon filters should be preceded by a pre-filter and coalescing filter.

Condensate Management

Poor air quality in a compressed air system can damage costly production machinery, rust and clog pipes, shorten component life, and reduce air flow, resulting in costly downtime and defective products. Proper compressed air treatment ensures that your plant gets the air quality that you need.

Atlas offers Condensate Drains, Oil/Water Separators, Aftercoolers, Mist Eliminators and many other solutions for all your condensation management needs. Contact us today for more information.